Grinding & Finishing

Astro Industries, Inc. has the grinding capabilities needed to complete a job to your exact specification. Our operators combine for over 100 years of experience, giving our customer the confidence they deserve.

Our polishers are able to achieve a 2-3 Ra, for an almost mirror-like finish. Our wide range of equipment can enhance the finish on a variety of parts. Our polishing machines are capable of handling up to 420” with a diameter of 40”. Whether your job requires a 2 - 3 Ra finish or a 200 Ra matte finish, Astro can customize the job to your requirement. Our equipment allows us to accommodate your needs and complete the job from start to finish all under one roof.

Equipment Size
Farrel Grinder 30” diameter X 360”
Lempco Grinder 42” X 240”
Cincinnati Grinder 42” X 192”
Cincinnati Grinder 12” X 50”
Tos Grinder 34” X 160”
Norton Grinder 36” X 288”
Landis Grinder 14” X 150”
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